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Flowers and bears

Flowers and bears

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We now have in house UVDTF printing! We are able to print wraps in all sizes for your glass jars or drink bottles. 

Size 16oz Wrap

UVDTF prints can be used on various substrates, some are - Glass, metal, wood, paper and ceramics. I recommend hand washing drink ware for long lasting decals.

Care instructions - Let the decal cure for approx 48hrs before use and hand wash for long lasting colour and decal.

How to apply:

- Wipe your item down with isopropyl alcohol to clean any greasy marks off.

- Use a squeegee or scraper to press over the decal firmly front and back to make sure it will stick to the film.

- Make sure you trim down any excess film to make sure that it wraps around your tumbler/item nicely. Peel the film

- Position the wrap on the item, do this with care as once it adheres it cannot be moved. I recommend a cup cradle for easy application,

- Use a squeegee to push out any air bubbles

- Peel the backing off slowly at a diagonal angle, ensuring that no print pulls up or rips.

- Once it is on, firmly press over with squeegee to make sure that it doesn't have any bubbles.


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